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Urban areas all across the coastal US are experiencing a severe housing shortage that drives prices up. In California, the housing shortage is so severe, current housing production will have to triple in order to just keep up with demand.

Many policy makers have struggled with possible solutions to this issue. Housing advocates who focus on affordable homes seek government intervention by regulating finance access and rent restrictions.

Developers on the other hand, argue that the lack of density in urban areas is due to outdated zoning laws.

Diversification is the Key to Create more Housing Units, Fast

Private lending for real estate can offer creative solutions for constructing housing…

At first glance they might seem to be from two different worlds, but since HM Capital is now offering both — you might be surprised to know they are more similar than you think!

hard money or lawsuit loans?
hard money or lawsuit loans?

They are both types of creative financing between two consenting parties

When investors can’t get approved with traditional financing — hard money lenders come into the picture. Private lenders are willing to take more risk in return of higher interest rate and overall returns.

Lawsuit loans are not very different — when plaintiffs with a personal injury lawsuit need cash and cannot wait for their settlement in 2 years — investors are willing to provide them with…

Since HM Capital is now offering legal funding for victims of car accidents, we decided to make a quick user-friendly guide to how you can get the best deals on car accident loans.

What do you need to qualify for an advance?

  1. You need a good car accident case, with strong liability and insurance coverage (and injuries to back up your claim).
  2. Have an attorney represent you against the insurance company.
  3. You case needs to be at least 15 days old, or have a strong paper trail to back up your claim. …

At first glance, that seems crazy, right?? Aren’t ‘lawsuit loans’ supposed to be crazy expensive?

Like most things in life — it is a matter of perspective. Take for example the following scenario:

  • You were injured in a car accident 6 months ago. You can’t work because you just had surgery on your back, and you have no income. As a result you can’t pay the mortgage and you are about to lose your home.

If you are in a bind like that one — you might sell low on your settlement and pressure your attorney for a lower settlement.

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